SSP NMSU 2023 – Welcome from the TAs!

Hello participants! We’re so excited to welcome you to SSP 2023 at New Mexico State University. This is going to be an amazing summer filled with learning, collaboration, and new experiences. The faculty has worked hard to give you the educational experience of a lifetime and we hope you will find a community here that thrives on each of your individual contributions. Here’s to the start of a great adventure. Welcome aboard!

Joel (he/him)

TA Joel is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He participated in SSP astrophysics in New Mexico in 2018, and is very excited to help out on the faculty side of things! Joel is a rising senior studying mechanical engineering. In his free time, Joel plays bass in a jazz big band, does social dance, and goes cycling.

Lara (she/her)

TA Lara is from Boston, MA. She’s excited to return to SSP after being a participant at NMT in 2018! At college, Lara studied physics and theater, and spent one summer running a bed and breakfast. She loves noodles, and musicals — especially Hadestown!

Kathryn (she/her)

TA Kathryn was born and raised in San Diego, CA and attended SSP at NMT in 2016. After SSP, she majored in general engineering and enjoyed (and still enjoys) finding intersections between art and STEM. She returned to TA in 2022 at NMT and is excited to be back this year at a new campus! She also loves swing dancing, arts and crafts, 3D printing, BTD6, Heartstopper, the Rigel Black Chronicles, indoor rock climbing, and noodles.

Benji (he/him)

TA Benji hails from Naperville, IL. He participated in SSP 2018 @ NMT and is stoked to be back at the New Mexico campus! During college, he studied physics and computer science and dabbled in some other things. A non-exhaustive list of things he likes includes running, quantum computing, stroopwafels, allées, sunsets, and reading translated literature.