SSP: Super Stunning Photos

Hey y’all! I literally never say y’all, but talking to Gayatri (from Texas) has convinced me y’all is better than every other way of referencing a group of people.

Last week went by super, super fast. Faster than Rachel and I power-walking to class because we got up late. 

Here’s one photo from each day:

July 2: Sunday

I guess this day wasn’t that memorable because I only have one photo. It’s a squirrel that looks like it’s about to fight someone. Literally me whenever my Galaxy program turns red.

July 3: Monday

Apparently, this day was even less memorable because I don’t have any photos from this day lol! 

July 4: Bryan Park with Biochem

I learned here that I suck at volleyball. Like, the ball would come towards me and I’d run away. It’s ok though because I think I’ve improved (by a little) since that day. We also lit up some fireworks so that was pretty fun. 

July 5: Indy Zoo + Baseball Game

The butterfly exhibit was so cool and the dippin dots (which I get like once every three years) was so good. Not a baseball fan, but that’s ok!! I had a lot of fun with Ian, Rachel, and Gayatri. 

July 6: Group Bonding

With less wet labs, our lab group needed some group bonding time. We shared stories (embarrassing ones) and revealed our deepest secrets. (For example, I haven’t gone more than a day without ice cream at SSP.)

July 7: Friday

I don’t have any photos! I do, but I don’t really want to share a 0.5 of my forehead with the Internet. I also have a photo of Ian in the middle of a yawn, but I don’t think I should share that photo with the Internet either!

July 9: Nelson’s Birthday

Happy birthday Nelson!!! We went to Longfei to celebrate and the assembly-line method of sharing food was so, so funny. There were 3 tables and we would pass dishes between tables to embody the true, family-style-dinner spirit. Thank you Nelson for the pens and for always making us laugh! Your cards put a smile on all of our face. 

It’s been a fun week !! Ending with a song rec: Long Live (Taylor’s Version) (Lorna’s Version) OUT ON SPOTIFY NOW! (it’s not, but it will be one day. Ian says I’m a really good singer)