SSP through my lens

Hi everyone! My name is Alice, and I am a rising senior from Cleveland, Ohio. Although this has been said many times, life at SSP is truly an adventure. From stressful labs to lengthy field trips, I can never predict what a new day will bring, but I know I’ll have fun making memories with all of my amazing friends.

Today was one of those days. What I thought would be a day of endless manuscript editing turned out to be much more fun. One of our TAs, Jillian, gave a lecture on polymer clay and gave us the opportunity to each make our own clay creations. I decided to make a squirrel holding a cashew to honor all of the fat squirrels that roam IU’s campus. I chose a cashew because while walking back to the dorms one night, a friend and I encountered a woman sitting on a stone bench hand feeding the squirrels cashews; I think there may have been at least 8 surrounding her. 

Everywhere I go, I bring a small digital camera with me. Here are some of my favorite memories I’ve captured with it so far.

One of our very first girls’ nights!

Getting ready to play tennis!

Karaoke night!

In our favorite store, Pitaya!

Spending a day at the pool!

Hiking at Turkey Run State Park

While we only have a few days left, I know that there are still so many more memories to make and more photos to be taken. My camera roll is already filled with unforgettable times.