What some exciting days!!! First of all, we’re finish (pretty much) with galaxy! It was at first really really confusing, with all these weird programs I’ve never saw before. However, with the help of all the professors, every single TAs, and so many of my friends, I actually managed to master galaxy and actually start to teach other people about it. YOOOOOOO. Honestly, I feel that this is really an enjoyable process: I’m stupid at first, and then I figured out the clever way to deal with a difficult task, and then I can share my method with more of my friends. I really felt that SSP provides such an environment for non-competitive collaboration, the crucial skills in my life.

My Birthday would be very soon. Very very soon. So another very exciting thing is to see how will my birthday be like! An even more exciting thing is to see how people will respond to the birthday present I prepped. Hahaha

Another really fun thing: Theater! I’ve never been to a proper play for like five years, and I’m really surprised by the quality of the play. The actors are so close to me to the extent that they are staring at me in my eyes, and I feel that I’m a part of the play. A truly enjoyable experience as well

Also, I really enjoy the formal dinner. We got to talk with professors and TAs and know their life. I really appreciate such opportunities to learn so many fun things about all of the wonderful people!