by Savar B.

My journey as an SSPer began last winter when my mom handed me a list of summer programs from the internet and told me to apply to them during my winter break. SSP attracted me the most out of all the programs because finding the orbit of an asteroid in space using just a telescope, a few equations and the sleep deprived brains of a bunch of high school students seemed very cool to me.

SSP has been a really fun but exhausting experience so far. The highlight for me has definitely been the collaborative environment and the number of like-minded people I have met here. It is common to see everyone in the computer room at midnight helping each other complete the PSETs and python codes. The fact that the professors and TAs also stay up till late in the night (or should I say early in the morning) to help us through our assignments shows the sense of community at SSP.

For instance, today we were supposed to put together the steps of the Orbit Determination Code (OD Code) in our asteroid teams. However, it did not take long before all the teams grouped together and eventually all 36 students were standing in front of the whiteboard working on the problem together. In less than 30 minutes the whiteboard was full of the steps of the OD code and everyone was clicking pictures of these notes. Even after this long and mentally exhausting derivation all the SSPers had the strength to sit down with their laptops in what was our “free time” and tried to translate the steps into python code.

Such instances are almost a daily occurrence and sometimes I am in awe of the collaborative nature of the people here. I feel proud and fortunate to be a part of this program and to get to know such ambitious young people.

About Me:

Hi! I am Savar and I am from Gurgaon, a city near New Delhi in India. At SSP you will find me doing work (as if that wasn’t obvious). In my free time you will find me playing soccer, Super Smash Bros in the lounge and doing late night cosmic cantina runs.