Straight Heat

As usual my day starts at 12am as my team and I are diligently working on the Final OD code. Sweat is dripping down William’s face as he is patiently helping debug our team’s code. After debugging the code we start heading back to Kitt and that’s when William foolishly assumes that he could beat me in a game of chess. The game was short and sweet as I quickly overpowered William with the English opening, leaving him in complete shock.

William before his humiliating loss

    The next part of my day started when I woke up at 8:50am and ran to SBO for what would usually be a morning lecture.

     Instead of the morning lecture, we had presentations from our amazing TA’s, Richard and Diego. Richard gave us a presentation on the first picture of a black hole that he helped produce as part of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. My favorite part was hearing about the eight radio telescope observatories that worked together to create the absolutely bulbous image of the M87 black hole. 

     Just when it seemed that Richard’s presentation couldn’t be outdone, Diego managed to prove me wrong. Diego taught us how to become rappers and he started by having us come up with our rapper names. According to Diego, the key to a great rapper name is having “Lamar” in it. Armed with this knowledge, my group, headed by WZ Hong came up with the brilliant name “Jane Lamar Street”, in honor of Richard’s transition into Quant. We then moved on to learning the proper rapper “lingo”. Needless to say, after the lecture William and I utilized our expanded lexicon and pulled up in the benzo to C4C, frosted flakes all on our wrists, and ready to cop all the food in the cafeteria. 

     After dinner it was time to continue our work on the Final OD code. However, any productivity we had went out the window when William decided to prove that he was 5’7.

William trying to prove that he is 5’7 (he’s 5’6 at most) while Leo watches with disappointment

Hi everyone! My name is Viktor and I’m from Bensenville, Illinois. I love plane spotting and I am planning to study Aerospace Engineering in college.