Sunday blog – Andrés M.

And just like that, week four is over…I can’t believe that just seven days ago I was writing about our trip to Tsaocaa!

Today was a rather uneventful day. Most people slept in, but I decided to wake up early to work on some assignments. I conducted multiple computational analyses to determine whether chloramphenicol-resistant bacteria share mutations with doxycycline-resistant bacteria, with the purpose of identifying specific genetic variations that might be conferring cross-resistance to ribosome-targeting antibiotics. And, yet again, I found no mutations whatsoever! But going through the analysis and hoping to find something interesting was pretty cool 🙂

After dinner, most of us went back to the computer lab to work on our lab notebook. Yet we somehow ended up playing a round of what-Mexico-City-neighborhood-are-you. Using Google Maps, I showed my peers the streets I walk through every day, which was really nice.

Here’s a photo I took of all of us in the computer lab:

About Me:

Hola 🙂 My name is Andrés Muedano Sosa, and I am a rising senior from Mexico City. I am passionate about mathematics and biology, and am interested in pursuing a career in scientific research (I am weirdly obsessed with microglial cells and long noncoding RNAs). Outside the classroom, you can find me baking, reading, or randomly laughing for no reason whatsoever. Sleep deprivation might be the reason, actually. Thank you, PLAs! <3