Sunday Funday

I’ve had a great time at SSP so far! Today marks a week since we first got here. Talking with many new people and discovering new personalities, I’ve learned so much about how different people think. I’ve played piano in the practice room, met the genomics people, and ate the dining food.

Today, we had our second day of unscheduled freetime to do anything we wanted, and we spent it well. Earlier in the day, we all bowled again. It was pretty fun, and big thanks to Aniyah for paying for everyone! 

Our main event today was a friendly volleyball tournament we organized with the Purdue SSP Genomics program. After I used the computer lab for the first time to (not) work on a few unfinished lab notebooks and ate a nice dinner, we all went over to the volleyball court at 7PM. 

The tournament format was simple: best out of five games, each game first to 11. Additionally, teams would progressively change so everyone who wanted to play had a chance! At the end of it all, we won, full sweep – 3 to 0. We all celebrated, even our TAs. 

SSP has been an amazing experience. Even though I definitely miss many of my friends back home and a lot of other things I’ve left behind, I’ve met many new interesting people here. Everyone has a story to tell, and slowly learning why people think and act certain ways has been great. I’ve enjoyed talking to the people here, even if they may be somewhat shy or “quirky,” and I hope I get to talk with more people throughout the rest of my stay here. 

I think it’s the small actions that really made people special here. Seeing people be nice to others for the sake of it, persistently try to complete the coursework even though our work isn’t checked thoroughly for accuracy, or simply laugh together and have fun, I’ve recognized that many people here are special. Being genuine and having integrity, not worried about appearances, is what makes people real.

After only a week, it’s amazing how close I’ve gotten with people. It feels like I’ve been here for three weeks. I’ve had many deep conversations, talking about our past, relationships, how we feel about each other, etc. Spending time with others, chilling on the parking garage rooftop, and spontaneously singing random Taylor Swift songs, I learned that SSP isn’t just about science, but also about being happy with others.

Us all playing volleyball
Me posting up mid-game. This was a little bit before we won 3-0!

Hi, my name is Nathan and I’m a rising senior from the small state of Delaware. I enjoy reading, playing piano, writing, watching movies, and trying new things! One small project I’ve taken throughout SSP has been finding someone with the same interests as me in our small group. So, if any redflags here know who King Krule, Silk Rhodes, Haruki Murakami, or Dreamer Boy are, talk to me!