Endowment Fund

Annual Fund donations are important but can be unpredictable- which is why SSP created an Endowment Fund in 2007.

Income from a substantial endowment helps ensure SSP’s continuity into the future, by reducing our dependence on fluctuating annual donations and grants. A growing endowment gives the Board more financial flexibility, to (for example) increase financial aid, reduce the published program fee, navigate volatile fundraising results, or invest in other areas.

Your gift to the Endowment Fund today will leave an enduring impact on tomorrow‘s most promising young people.


Donations earmarked for endowment are formally restricted according to generally accepted practices, with a goal of maintaining the principal indefinitely. They are invested in a conservative portfolio of broad-based equity index funds, fixed income funds, commodities, and insured CDs, according to an Investment Policy adopted by the Board and administered by an Investment Committee. The policy document is available on request.

Yes! A Named Fund allows one or more donor(s) to recognize and honor an individual or group significant to them. Examples include “Honoring SSP Faculty” and “In Memory of Dr. David Pierce.” A donor or group of donors may sponsor a new named fund with a gift of $20,000 or more.

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