President's Circle

Just as the Annual Fund is critical to the success of SSP, its most consistent and generous donors are keys to the Annual Fund’s success. The President’s Circle recognizes them.

President’s Circle Members pledge an annual unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more, based on total fiscal year gifts (October through September). Corporate matching gifts count toward membership too.

If you give anyway, why join? Because adding your name to the Circle – or even joining anonymously – helps SSP by encouraging others to also donate generously and consistently. And it comes with these benefits:


Pledge $1,000 or more to receive:

  • Invitation to an annual informational meeting with the CEO and Board President
  • Recognition on SSP website, in the Universal Times Annual Report, and at the Annual Dinner (with your permission)
  • Removal from routine fundraising emails and letters
  • SSP swag

Gold Level

Pledge $5,000 or more to receive above plus:

  • Special invitation to a donor event
  • Two tickets to the Annual Dinner

Platinum Level

Pledge $10,000 or more to receive above plus:

  • Private meeting annually with an Officer or Academic Director of your choice, in person if practical

*Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines the estimated value of the benefits received for President’s Circle membership is not substantial; therefore the full amount of your gift is a deductible contribution

Current Members


Alumni: Reagan Moore ’62, Anonymous ’70, Tim Ryan ’72, Anonymous ’85

Parents: Anonymous, Nelson & Cherry Seo,  Jennifer & Linus Upson

Community Members: Duowei Xu


Alumni: Henry Lichstein ’60, Mitch Kapor ’66, Ron Irving ’68, Henry Roe ’91

Parents: Gregory & Michelle Emi, Zhuang Tang & Gebing Yi


Alumni: Ronald Florence ’59, Terry Hodel ’59, William Rosenberg ’59, Patrick Rourke ’59, Jay Dratler ’61, Alan Gross ’62, Edward Kelm ’62, George Sharman ’62, Andrew Van Horn ’62, Barry Lieberman ’63, Michael Turner ’63, Dan Gelatt ’64, Matt Geller ’64, Joel Levin ’65, Mitch Kapor ’66, Julian Krolik ’66, Duncan Agnew ’67, Stephen Blumenkranz ’67, Doug Duncan ’68, Ed Fenstermacher ’68, William Hawes ’69, Richard Kubelka ’69, Seth Stein ’70, Chris Cole ’71, Roger Linfield ’71, Dan Seligson ’71, James Durkee ’73, David Latham ’73, Richard Bowdon ’74, Richard Schumacher ’74, Michael Weiss ’74, Edmund Bertschinger ’75, Michael Krippendorf ’75, Scott Pace ’75, Lauren Blum ’76, Eric Korevaar ’76, Philip Nolan ’76, Janine Scancarelli ’76, Harold Schloss ’76, Katherine Staton ’76, Barrie Trinkle ’77, Michael McKay ’78, Steve Dickman ’79, Laura Kang Ward ’79, Bruce Dunham ’80, Helen Shin ’82, Eugene Thomas ’83, Gunny Cho ’84, Scott Michael ’84, Shubber Ali ’85, Lara Salamacha ’85, Sayuri Desai Hanna ’87, Leslie Lee ’90, Adam Thodey ’91, Chris Wyman ’94, Michael Wyman ’97, Dilaver Velioglu ’04, Lisa Wang ’04, Christopher Su ’06, Mike Teodorescu ’06, Gabriel Cadamuro ’07, YJ Cha ’09, Miruna Oprescu ’09, Xiaote Zhu ’12, Bradley Emi ’13, Ashley Zhuang ’18

Faculty: Leo & Jackie Connolly, Donald Davis

Parents: Anonymous, Bill & Dot Bowdon, Ronald & Michelle Burch, Siyuan Chen & Jun Lin, Rod & Corey Cherkas, Douglas & Grace Chin, Susanne & Andy Esquivel, Shuhua Ge & Xueying Le, Helanie Greenfield & Richard Mintz, Yvette and Lawrence Hochberg, Jennifer & Edward Khouri, Caroline Krass & William Passmore, Stephanie & Frank Ruperto, Tamar & Rick Weerts, David Weiner & Gaby Olazabal, Wei Zhang & Bin Fan

Community Members: Jenna Rickus, Paula Routly 

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