Sponsorship is a direct connection between a corporation or foundation and SSP’s talented young participants at one or more programs. Sponsoring has multiple modes: 

  • Cover the program fees for a low-income participant
  • Defray the cost of room & board  
  • Donate consumables such as reagents 
  • Donate lab equipment, computers, or software 
  • Underwrite the faculty and staff team including recruitment and training 
  • Sponsor the Guest Lecture Series 
  • Host a field trip to a corporate facility 
  • Offer internships to alumni 
  • Other creative ideas! 

SSP recognizes the generosity of sponsors below, in our printed and digital Universal Times newsletters, and in social media.   

Your organization will be proud of its association with these amazing young people.  Contact us today, we’d love to talk to you. 

on a field trip to Eli Lilly