Swinging Sundays

Author: Julia M.

If I could go back in time to warn old, naive me about my current experience at SSP, I’d probably say these two things:

1. Be prepared to get addicted to tea

I mean literal tea. I have been drinking hot tea in 100+ degree weather every day since I discovered the tea bags in the cafeteria. It started out with some advice from my mom, but now I can’t start my day without my nice cup of warm tea.

The tea bag rack and my tea

I think my proudest moment here at SSP is convincing Prisha, Clarice, and Bailey to try the hibiscus spice (the best tea bag by far in the lineup) one day. They liked it too! I feel like I’m trying to create a hibiscus spice fangirl group here at NMSU. 

But when I say I’m addicted to tea, I also mean tea in a figurative way. Tea might not be the best word here, but hey, I needed a catchy subheading. Everyone at SSP is so unique, in their backgrounds, personalities, interests, etc. I feel like I’m discovering a crazy fact about someone each day. Meals are my favorite part of the day for the reason that I get to know everyone else here a little bit better. Today I discovered that Kavish eats his pizza folded up like a sandwich, which I personally think is a crime equivalent to treason.

2. Be prepared to do things you’ve never done before

Have you gone swing dancing before? I hadn’t before SSP. You probably would have had to pay me to do that during pre-SSP times. But now thanks to our TA Kathryn, I have discovered the joys of going swing dancing. I’d include some pictures, but it’s a little hard to take one when you’re being spun around.

But I’ve had some other first times here as well. Today I took out the trash for the first time (please don’t tell my parents or I will never hear the end of this when I get back). Shout out to Prisha for witnessing this major accomplishment! I was proud of myself for sweeping my dorm floor too. Turns out sweeping becomes pretty fun when you turn on music and jam out with your friend (Prisha is a good DJ). 

The crazy thing is that Week 3 of SSP has only just started. Within just 2 weeks, I’ve had a fair share of some very memorable experiences. If this is how I feel just after Week 2, then I can’t wait to discover what’s in store for future me. Until then, I will be drinking my tea 🍵

About me:

Hi, my name is Julia and I’m from Sacramento, California! If you caught me in my free time, you’d see me reading Peanuts, binging Agatha Christie stories, and practicing for speech competitions. At SSP, you’d find me playing volleyball outside, messing around with Python, and sipping some tea.