SWRI or T-Swift?

The day started off like any other, I woke up at 8:53 and groggily walked to the SBO. Seeing that my cloned asteroid simulations had finished running overnight, I began working with my group on our final report. After a few hours, I left SBO and headed over to C4C only to find that it was more packed than usual. Getting my usual hotdog, mashed potatoes and salad I went over to join a group of people outside. After I ate, I headed back to my dorm and took a nap, waiting till the last possible minute to get out of bed. Once back at SBO, groups began presenting their simulated findings and discussing their implications on the future of the asteroid’s that we studied. Following this, we learned more about near-Earth asteroids and the process for discovery, documentation and distribution of them throughout the solar system. We concluded this lecture with the knowledge that this would be our final academic experience at SSP. It was a bittersweet feeling, knowing that I was almost done. Being able to see how far I and those around me have come in the past few weeks was an unforgettable realization. Dr. Dubson took us up to the “yellow room” in the top floor of the SBO where humans do not have the ability to distinguish between colors. Following this I headed back to Kitt West where I provided Ricard with real-estate services unlike any other. I got ready for dinner where I finally got to hear about Diego’s well known three laws. Although there were some disagreements over the validity of some of these laws, we eventually came to a consensus and enjoyed the rest of dinner. I went back to SBO and got snacks for movie night where we were finally able to watch interstellar after a five and a half week wait. I took a walk before the movie started and played some Frisbee before heading inside to watch the movie. 

After not seeing Interstellar for many years, I was able to enjoy it in all its glory. I especially appreciated ALL of the physical accuracies that the producers took into consideration (the bookshelf scene in particular). Following the movie I went down to the basement to play some ping pong before returning to the common room only to see some of my friends practicing their act for the upcoming talent show. We then somehow roped Diego into bringing down his laptop to the common room and setting up an impromptu Karaoke night! With more and more people coming to join us, we sang song after song all night long (until curfew). Following this, I no longer had a functioning voice due to the immense passion with which I sang Taylor Swift. It was the perfect conclusion to the perfect day, and I know that I will greatly miss the people at SSP for years to come. 

Hi, my name is David and I am a rising senior at Eaglecrest High Schoolwid in Aurora, Colorado. I love tennis, spending time with friends and I hope to pursue physics in college. I loved being able to work with like minded people and expand my knowledge of astrophysics at a place like SSP. Although I am sad that the program is coming to an end, I would not change a thing about how the program went. Thank you all for an amazing summer!