TA talk and Target Run – Connor C.

 We started today talking about our manuscripts for this project. Discussing the results section and then diving into making quality figures I think more than a few of us realized that we are lacking in our excel skills. Later in the day we did PCR on our genomic DNA preparing it for our natural transformation experiment that will happen in the coming days. 

                     In addition to this we also got our first TA lecture where the TAs can choose to talk about anything that interests them. Helen’s was on some symptoms that go along with many kinds of infections followed up by a couple case studies in which we’d try to apply what we had just learned. This was only the first TA lecture and there will be more to come as the other TAs prepare to talk.

About me: 

My name is Connor C. and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. My main interests are entomology and herpetology, but I also dabble in botany when I have the time.