Target Run – Alina

Today started at 10:30 as I finally got enough sleep and didn’t have to drink a slightly concerning amount of coffee (or other caffeine sources). Ms. Latus got us Cane’s for lunch and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. After lunch our whole group headed to Target and Von’s to get some snacks for the week and other (not very necessary) stuff. I got a lot of food which hopefully will last for at least three days( later I regretted buying so much as it was too heavy and carrying it back was not the best experience).

Von’s was very fun as usual, I had to stop myself from buying books because i have absolutely no space in my luggage. However, I still got some jewelry and a sewing kit to fix several wardrobe items. Next we went to the Purdue bookstore and many of us (including myself) bought Purdue hoodies and other items to bring home as souvenirs. Our next stop was a boba place. I was very excited for my friend to try boba for the first time, which however ended in disappointment as he didn’t seem to actually enjoy it. We headed back to the dorms to get ready for dinner and work on our assignments. Overall today was a good opportunity for all of us to get some rest and get ready for new accomplishments next week. 

About me: 

 Hi! My name is Alina and I go to a boarding school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. However, I was born in Belarus and spent most of my life in Kyiv, Ukraine. Outside of school I do skiing, sailing and softball. My hobbies include drawing and film photography, as I really enjoy capturing moments from my life in photographs.