Thank You Commander!

10:30 AM – It’s Sunday. No lectures today! -or even better- No more alarm sounds this morning! At this point, Sundays have become a checkpoint for me to reflect on how far we are in the program while taking a short break. My roommate Cam woke up before me today. I headed to C4C for breakfast and had time to enjoy my tea. Then I walked to the computer lab with Kara to work on the OD code. Kara, your coding skills impress me every single day; please keep teaching me your tricks 🙂

In front of the bus station

1:30 PM – Time to go to Pearl Street. Many thanks to Richard, Laura, and Diego for planning this trip; it was so much fun. I wanted to walk, but apparently I was in the minority 🙁 So we had to wait for the bus for what felt like hours to me. 

Team 10 at the bus

Lunch at Hapa sushi (Diego’s favorite sushi place). The food was as delicious as the previous time we were there a couple weeks ago. Time passed by so fast.

Dominick before lunch…

I sat with Markus, Seok, Aaron, Christina, Dominick, Rebecca, Natalia, and Carlin

We ate slowly, so we had no time to shop. Though I can’t say no to ice cream after lunch.

4:20 PM – Going back to campus, walking this time with Richard. We were back earlier than the group taking the bus. Yayyy

5:45 PM – Although my stomach was full, I couldn’t miss a green salad and lemon slices for dinner.  

SSP train led by Joshua entering C4C

7:00 PM – Movie night. This week Your Name was the first pick but I am not into animes at all. So instead of watching I preferred to take a nap and decided to go for a walk around Kitt Central. As I was circling around I saw an eagle hunting a pigeon and flying away with its hunt – the wildlife at Boulder is truly crazy! 

Wildlife at Boulder

8:30 PM – Time to go back to where we belong to: the SBO. Normally I try my best not to leave any work on Sunday nights to get more rest. However, my teammates and I really had to fix our observation data reduction tonight. Fortunately, hours before Carlin and I came to the computer lab, our fellow commander Mr. J. Kim was more than halfway done. Carlin didn’t trust the default aperture values our commander told her and decided to ask Joshua: Jay was mad at her.

Team 12 working on data reduction 

Jay’s… I mean, fellow Commander’s computer kept rebooting (maybe 8 times tonight?) Carlin and I enjoyed shaking the table to see if his computer will restart – and it did 🙂

1:10 AM – After four hours of hard work, sweat, and tears… we were done with data reduction! And this remarks the end of the day for me. 

Hey everyone! My name is Uluc and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I like working on robotics projects, drawing, and scuba diving in my free time. I want to study mechanical engineering in the future. I am so grateful to everyone here for amazing memories and looking forward to the upcoming weeks.