The Art of Blogging ft. SSP | Audrey Z.

I have a confession to make: I don’t know how to blog.

Given that I’m the girl who’s subscribed to 32 different newsletters and 17 different blogs, I should probably know more about blogs than the ordinary person. But, nope, I had to literally search up the definition of a blog: according to Google, it’s “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”.

I had a revelation then: it’s a vlog but written. As Dr. One would say: “Genius!”. So without further ado (and sorry for its sheer length – I’m known to be a bit verbose), here’s my vlog blog for this SSP Saturday…

7:45 am:

My alarm wakes me up in the form of my dad. And I know what you’re all thinking: “Lawd, Audrey! What’s with the early rise?” Bro, that’s not even early! Anyway, today, in particular, I have a piano lesson at 9:00 am, so it’s actually essential that I wake up on time so I can get in enough practice before the half-hour drive to my professor’s piano studio (that studio just so happens to be at the University of Michigan, so I guess now you know I live within that vicinity… and no, I won’t give you my Social Security number). 

8:00 am:

Plopping down onto the piano bench, I pull out my book of Beethoven Piano Sonatas Volume 1. This past week, I’ve been learning the entire fourth movement of Piano Sonata Op. 22 No. 11 – eight pages fluent in 7 days? No big deal. Except it kind of is a big deal when I realize that I’ve sight-read my left hand in the wrong register for the last two rows of page 7. Last-minute piece-learning isn’t the ideal move, but I get it down and quickly run through the rest of the movement, hoping that when I perform for my professor, it’s at least decent.

8:30 am:

Breakfast in the car because those fifteen minutes after I woke up at 7:45 were dedicated solely to my morning routine. Eggs and bread – yum! I stare out the window as I listen to NPR, tuning in to the history of Kpop (I am eternally grateful that this segment of the show began with BTS’s “Boy With Luv”) and Wisconsin’s ongoing debate for an official state cheese (apparently, it’s now Colby).

9:00 am:

Piano lesson time! Thankfully, I don’t play too terribly, and my professor spends the rest of the hour giving me tips on how to improve the piece and take care of all the tiny nuances.

10:00 am:

Back in the car, I hop onto the SSP Zoom call with not just my 35 other Purdue Biochem peeps, but also all the IU Biochem strangers, to listen in on Richard Bowdon’s inspirational speech about how we’re all going to be admitted into a great university, followed by Mr. Chris Peterson and Mr. Peter Osgood’s roundtable college talks about their respective universities: MIT and Harvey Mudd. As they introduce their schools and then respond to the Q&A session, they provide us with a lot of solid insight that I quickly jot down on a Google Doc.

12:00 pm:

Lunchtime with Marie Callender’s famous frozen chicken pot pies.

12:30 pm:

I tell my mom I have SSP “homework”, but it’s really to get started on this blog. I find myself wishing I claimed a weekday to write because Monday-Friday is usually when we’re our most chaotic selves. BUT, at least I have the utmost privilege of posting some screenshots from said chaotic days:

I am definitely not snorting at Lucas and Jonathan’s (my fellow members of the Tryptophan Treblemaking Trio!) pitiful attempts to sing and to get me to join the “oldies” bandwagon

My sincerest apologies if this image triggers nightmares, but Jonathan decided to introduce the “Gummy Bear song” to Lucas and me, and we each chose a different type of gummy bear to be our Zoom backgrounds (Santa was mine), vibed to the song with the swag video filter shades, called our TAs in on the pretense of “asking for help” (shoutout to Laney and Kyle), and promptly traumatized them (sorry not sorry)

So, um… mistakes were made; I may or may not have changed my Zoom name to Laney Flanagan 2.0, causing everything and everyone to descend into chaos

1:00 pm:

More SSP “homework”: learning the dance for “Dolphin” by the girl Kpop group OH MY GIRL for the SSP Talent Show. I’ll have you know: I am no Charli D’Amelio. My dancing career consists entirely of ballet / tap from 6 to 7 years of age and the “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Dynamite” Just Dances. In other words, I can’t contort my body without looking like I’m having a seizure, so time to practice and practice hard. Hopefully, I’ll have this dance AND Blackpink’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” down and recorded before the talent show on July 17th so that Kate, Noelle, Belle, Joyce, and I will have a bangin’ dance video to flaunt.

1:30 pm:

After struggling through the deceptively simple shoulder rolls of “Dolphin”, I get started on actual productive work: college essays. I’m currently working on the Common App prompt, and I get through a couple paragraphs before the inevitable writer’s block hits, and I decide to go to sleep.

2:00 pm:

The best time of day: good ol’ naptime!

3:00 pm:

Math. Yep. You read that right: I work on competition math for almost the whole afternoon (3.5 hours, please halp).

6:30 pm:

Packing my tennis bag into the car, I head off to the nearby courts with my brother for some quality sibling bonding practice time. Yes, I see you turning green with envy, Jonathan.

7:45 pm:

I eat dinner while watching my mom roll dough to make delicious baozi. If you don’t know, baozi are a very common aspect of the typical Chinese cuisine; they’re essentially steamed dough with some kind of filling within, whether that’s red bean paste, pork with cabbage, or (my personal favorite) black sesame. Looking forward to that dessert tonight!

8:30 pm:

Back to work on my college essays (and finishing up this blog post; oops, it’s getting kind of long – maybe I should consider becoming a vlogger blogger!). I finish Draft #1 and, after sitting slumped against the pillow on my chair, staring at the computer screen with the urge to lie down on the floor, I haul myself up and start typing at approximately 5 wpm. The memory of Richard Bowdon’s speech about his belief that SSPers are guaranteed to be accepted by a well-established university some hours ago floats back into my mind, amping my speed up to 10 wpm.

11:30 pm:

Finally, the day is over. I run through my nighttime routine and hop into bed. It takes me another couple hours to fall asleep – probably because of my excitement for Monday (who cares about Sunday, amirite?), when I get to see my chaotic, crazy, cool, cantankerous, *other adjectives that start with C* SSPers again.