The beginning of SSP! (Pranav’s June 12th Blog)

So today was the first ACTUAL day of the camp, where we had classes, assignments to submit and the first formal dinner. Let’s talk about all the things in order :- 

So we had 2 classes for the day (from 9-12 and 1:30-4:30). The classes today were not particularly hard and were mostly introductory (which was good for me because I’m still in jet lag haha). The second class was on vectors, even though I had studied vectors from before and knew the stuff already, I still found the animations that Dr. H showed us really cool and interesting. Because of this, Im a lot more excited for the upcoming classes because if I’m still able to learn in the ones in which I already knew the concept, I’m sure the ones which are on concepts which are totally new to me would be way more fun and interesting! 

After the 2 classes, we had formal dinner where everyone dressed up in formals – it was a completely different vibe seeing everyone wearing formals and then talking over dinner. When I was coming to ssp, I thought ‘does wearing formal clothes even give formal vibe actually or they’re just doing it as a tradition?’ but trust me, once you’ve a dinner you realize that there is something definitely different about it.

After the dinner, we started working on psets and each team had to select an asteroid which they would like to observe for the next 5 weeks based on a few parameters. Today’s pset was on vectors and the last question which was some ant’s problem was in huge popularity among people because almost everyone was discussing that problem. And I think that problem is one of its kind – if you know the idea then you know it, otherwise coming up with it for the first time is slightly hard. But I think, at the end with the help of TAs and each other, everyone did get the solution eventually.

Oh and people also played hangman in the lounge after finishing off the pset. Here’s an image of a word that I gave to other people :eyes:

Yeah it’s an interesting word! 

So yeah that was the main outlines of today :> 

Personally, for me the day was quite tiring because I couldn’t get a good sleep yesterday night T_T (I woke up like 5 times in between oops) but it was still really enjoyable despite getting less sleep. 

P.S. – why is the chase dining hall so far :(( well I think it feel farther than it is because while returning we have to go uphill slightly which is tiring unfortunately.

Hey everyone! I’m Pranav from India. I’ve been doing olympiad mathematics for about 2.5 years now and have always wanted to try astronomy related things because it seemed cool! Moreover I had some sort of physics experience from past so I thought to try SSP 😀