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Most of us start the day with a fun, short walk to the Forest Dining Hall for breakfast.


As usual, the Forest Dining Hall provided incredibly diverse meals. I personally love how the breakfast always switches up everyday, giving us many options. We munched on their delectable scrambled eggs, toe-curling potatoes, crispy bacon, and their handsome selection of bagels & breads. Please see the image below of some us smiling, because we enjoyed breakfast and the walk to the dining hall that much:


Figure 1: SSPers Emily, Selam, and Jiya smiling because of the short, fun walk to the Dining Hall, and the amazingly diverse food.

After the meal, we of course had the privilege of walking back for another 12 minutes. On these walks to and from the Forest Dining Hall, we see many landmarks, like the “Poke and Boba” store, the IU Shirt store, and even the bus stop! 


Figure 2: Bus Stop.

An anonymous SSPer was inspired by this bus stop sign, and promptly told me a poem they created about this sign. It went:

“Bus Stop,

Bus Go.

Bus Yes,

Bus No.”

-Anonymous SSPer 2023

I was amazed by the depth and meaning of this poem. Now, whenever I walk by this sign to go to the dining hall, this poem will forever come to mind.

I went back to Goodbody hall, our dorm complex, and picked up my computer. For the next few days in SSP, we are split into two groups: A and B. Group A works in the lab doing cool science things, while Group B attends lectures. I’m in Group B, so I headed to Lindley Hall (in the Gender Studies Building) for the lecture. I sat in my seat and listened carefully, intently, and very studiously for the instructions without playing any sort of video games or doing Problem Set 2.

For this session, we had to research the fungi we were assigned and create a “Wanted” poster for that fungi with our group! Fellow SSPer Daniel was so overjoyed by this assignment… he was on the brink of shouting in excitement! Daniel is an artist, and making posters is his passion in life, especially those about fungi.

After some independent research time for the project, we congregated with our research groups to create our posters. I went to the front of the class to rip a poster paper from the notepad for my group. As I was walking to the front of the class, I was thinking “I hate ripping out posters from this pad! It’s so difficult!” Lo-and-behold, amazing fellow SSPer Lauren had already ripped out some poster paper for the other groups! I was amazed at how neat the rips were, and their group’s otherworldly initiative to help out the other groups by ripping symmetrical papers for them.

Figure 3: Amazing SSPers Lauren, Daniel, and Zach grinning from ear to ear from this assignment.

We were given plenty of time to complete the assignment. Everyone was having a jolly time, not only working, but socializing and having fun. 

Figure 4: SSPer Jacob having an amazing time creating the poster.

Figure 5: Handsome SSPer Kenny and the diligent Jiya and Monica working on their poster. Kenny played a key role in researching and developing the final project.

At the end of the working time, we were tasked to present the posters. I had a lot of fun listening to all the presentations and learning about the different fungi!


Figure 6: SSPers presenting their posters!

Figure 7: SSPer posters!


Figure 8: “My pores were plugged”

After this activity, we went to eat lunch. Where? You guessed it, our favorite Forest Dining Hall. We walked 12 minutes to the hall in the summer heat. We enjoyed the hot summer sun, drowning in the Vitamin D it helped our bodies create.

At lunch, I ate a plate of mouth-watering white rice, crispy mandarin chicken, crispy mandarin tofu, and finger-licking good broccoli. I was still a little hungry, so I grabbed a plate of pasta, creamy thick white alfredo, and some mouth-watering broccoli. It was so tasty! I would recommend it to anyone here. 

After lunch, my Group B returned to Lindley Hall for a Class Activity. The moment Dr. Hollenback mentioned that we would be working with MOE for this activity, SSPer Mattia screamed in excitement. MOE is an approachable and convenient software that allows anyone to easily visualize a protein model, and working with this software was entertaining for Mattia. And not just Mattia, even fellow SSPer Monica cried in joy for having the opportunity to use this software!

Figure 9: SSPers roleplaying amino acids, sitting in a tertiary structure orientation. SSPer Mattia roleplayed as the amino acid Proline, and Sofia roleplayed as Methionine.

After this assignment, Group B was sent to the lab where we put the bacteria into a special yellow solution. It was very fun, and the solution looked really tasty!


After that, we had a little downtime, then headed down to dinner. Where? You guessed it, the Forest Dining Hall! We walked for 12 minutes down there, and ate diverse and delectable meals. I loved the many options, and ate a plate of quenching white rice, heart-piercing mandarin chicken, rejuvenating mandarin tofu, and bliss-givingly good broccoli. I also grabbed a plate of pasta, creamy thick white alfredo, and some wet broccoli. I would give it 3 michelin stars, and I loved the different options!


For dinner, we always sit at assigned tables. Dinner is the best time of the day, as I can always talk to new people. Special shoutout to the wonderful TA Emma for always filling the Blank space in conversations and keeping dinner fun and entertaining!


Figure 10: Table 3 enjoying an exciting meal together. SSPers Hemkesh and Selam are enjoying their dinner very much, engaging in exciting conversation! In the back, you can see Emma and her entourage marching with their ice creams at hand.

After the dinner, some of us decided to play basketball. I haven’t touched the basketball since 7th grade PE class, but I tagged along to see what it was all about. It ended up being fun!

Figure 11: Some SSPers play on the basketball courts. SSPer Daniel (white shirt) is slaying, both in the court and in his fashion style!

Figure 12: Basketball Legend Selam out maneuvers the opposing team and scores a clean 3-point shot!

After basketball, we all walked back to Goodbody Hall. An anonymous SSPer started sprinting full speed towards Selam. This sprinter was very fast!


Figure 13: Anonymous Track Star SSPer sprints after Selam!

We finally got back to the dorms and settled down for the night. “That was such a fun day”, said SSPer Monica enthusiastically. “I loved the dinner and the lectures”, said SSPer Hemkesh. 


Today was fun. Another day without breaking the Honor Code!