The Day of Bug Extermination

Author: Alice L.

Another morning, another day of SSP. First on today’s agenda – a social block with intros by SSP students. It was sooo cool to learn about all of my peers – to learn about all of their varied hobbies, interests, and accomplishments. There were the expected similarities – a love of math and science, for one (we wouldn’t be here otherwise!). But there were also other passions – from squash to rollercoasters, cubing and books and games and so much more. Each new tidbit fleshed out the people I saw on my screen a little bit more, bringing them truly to life. 

Afterwards, we continued our exploration of Python – but not before we saw some silly seagull pics. Then there were explorations into lists and for loops and while loops, adding important tools into our Python toolbox as we became ever more capable programmers. In our Astro learning block, we tried hard (and may have failed) to understand the wonky ways of measuring time, calculating hour angles and transit times and other measurements for observation planning.

The rest of the day was spent largely coding and debugging and debugging some more. I think the feeling of succeeding with a program after errors and errors and errors must be the greatest feeling in the world – and I’m sure many of my fellow SSPeers would agree.

An SSP participant’s code, circa June 23rd 2021

And so, the third real day of SSP passed. Wait – only the third? It already feels as though I’ve been here forever. It’s amazing, really, how fast everything has become familiar – the concepts, the people, even the Canvas page. Here’s to more wonderful days to come!

Hi! I’m Alice, your author this time. In no particular order, I enjoy reading (everything), writing when I can figure out how to not use the same word three times in my paragraph, ornithology (birbs), fossils, playing RPGs (like the Legend of Zelda!), knitting, crocheting, and helping people. This last bit is why this post is late – I got sidetracked debugging Python code for some SSPeers. Sorry Katie!