The EST Experience

By: Ian B

Normally, the East Coast is a great place to be, and on a normal, non SSP day, I would happily defend its superiority over the West. However, with the coming of SSP into my schedule, I found myself becoming jealous of my Western friends and their self-proclaimed “balanced” sleep schedule. While they would finish their work and fall asleep by midnight, I was usually up till 2 or 3 in the morning finishing Psets. But, such is the SSP life, and the amazingly welcoming community makes all the work and wacky hours worth it. Whenever I get stuck, I can just turn to the various discord channels and friends and there is bound to be somebody who can help. 

The work itself was something extraordinary. Never before have I been so abruptly shoved into an academic field I knew next to nothing about and enjoyed it! I felt like a proper astronomer learning about various coordinate systems and new mathematics. Although the workload was difficult and stress-inducing, It felt good to get stressed out about something when I had told myself previously “Don’t worry Ian, this is gonna be hard and you’re gonna get lost.” So all in all, I’m thankful for the hard work environment SSP provides, because the community helps balance it out and make you feel like you’re at a second home.

Right now, we are in our final week of SSP. No more problem sets are left, but we have the final OD due in about a week. Tension is in the air, and I’m tentatively relaxing my brain in advance. After I write this blog I’ll begin, but for now, I want to get a good night’s sleep. 

About Me

My name is Ian and I’m from Weybridge, Vermont. I love dogs (We have 5), and love living out in the rural countryside. I go to Groton Highschool in Massachusetts, and am a rising senior. I love well made cinema. Some movies I like are Interstellar, The Mad Max movies, and many more). I also love shows like “Dark” and “Katla” and love talking about them. I play some video games but I’m not very good, and I find them most fun when they are with good friends. I also love talking about philosophy, theology and mind-boggling moral questions – ask me some!