The Most Midwest (aka a tornado)

Author | Sophie H.

Editor | Rex S.

The day began at about 9am, a shockingly reasonable time for a weekend. My roommate was still asleep, so I lounged around on my phone for a while until she woke up, at which point I promptly realized that I had to be on a zoom call in less than 10 minutes. I rushed downstairs to grab some yogurt and oat milk for my tea (thank you Mr. Shorey), and waited for my meeting to start.

After being on the phone for 3 hours, I had an extremely nutritious lunch of microwave popcorn, because Forest was already closed. 🙁
Then, the long awaited Target trip! I had to pick up a few things for my roommate, and I called some of my friends from home while I was shopping, because, as Vicky said, here at SSP we keep in touch with our loved ones.

Rohan, Monica, Leon, and Daniel waiting to be picked up with their (unreasonably large) target hauls.

Once I got back to the dorms, my research group and I were planning on working on our impending research objective, but alas, our plans were rudely foiled by a Tornado. Team No Pizza/Latin-ers was separated–Mina and I were in the basement of Goodbody (our dorms), while Felipe was still stuck at the movie theater, with a group of people who had gone to see whatever the new Spiderman movie is. We worked on our objective a bit in the basement, and then sort of gave up and I started doing crossword puzzles.

The Goodbody basement before and after a table was dragged in.

Review of the Spiderman movie from Felipe: “Very good. I’m not really into superheroes, but I really liked the movie. It really expanded the characters, and they fleshed out Miles Morales, he wasn’t just a copy and paste of Peter Parker. He saves people not just to save people, but because he knows it’s right, and he wants to.”

(Wow, that was a more serious review than I was expecting. Maria says the colors were very pretty and distracting.)

After we were released from our makeshift bunker (there was no tornado, although this tree did break a bit), a few of us went to Forest for dinner. The food there is pretty good, but two weeks in, I’m quite bored, and we were disappointed that the tornado had taken away our expanded perimeter, and thus our chances and new, interesting food.

Very Cool SSPers Anna and Maria and their amazing dinners.

Anyways, after dinner, Anna and I made ourselves ice cream cones, and I had to be on ANOTHER ZOOM CALL for an hour. Then, Team No Pizza met again, and finally finished our research objective!

Yay, so successful.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day, albeit nothing we did made for a very interesting blog.
If you’re a future SSPer reading this: you’ll have more free time than the website claims, as long as you do some time management, and you might want to bring/buy a lot of snacks.

Also, here are some other pictures that I liked from the first two weeks of SSP, since today was a tad bit boring.