Author | Hemkesh C

Editor | Rex S.


It is now day 11 of SSP. The day started off a bit earlier than normal for me, group B, that is. I woke up around 6:20am, ready for the field trip to Corteva Agriscience, only to find that the bus was delayed and that Kenny (on the right) already had gotten his fix of caffeine for the day (ignore Nikhil please). 


As we started driving, Brian observed his surroundings well. 


Sadly I couldn’t get many pictures inside of Corteva since we had to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to be allowed inside (peep the title). At Corteva we had a few researchers take time out of their day to come and tell us about their work and the many approaches to agriscience in general, before taking a tour of the building.

Though pics of the labs there were forbidden (top secret research !!!!!!), we were able to get some in the introduction room, while learning about the insects kept at Corteva (and holding their hissing cockroaches), wearing their lab coats, and posing with their fungicides (Mattia??) 


We then ended with a nice lunch of pizza, and the opportunity to purchase some merchandise, which many of us did not back down from, before getting back on the bus for our next stop. Thanks Corteva!! 


On the way to our next stop, Duckpin Bowling, many participants felt tired and took a nap (disclaimer: there were so many more people that I couldn’t fit). Looking at the picture like a book: Evie, Rohan, Kenny, Nikhil, Raul, Caleb (ft. me), Alden, and finally, a picture of Duckpin Bowling (photo creds to Mona). 


After arriving at Duckpin Bowling, many admired the old-fashioned objects in the area, such as this old telephone. Participants split into two groups, those who bowled, and those who played pool (check out Vicky’s trickshot). I chose to bowl, and even ended up winning in my group (Raul was last go make fun of him). 


After returning home, for most participants this was the end of the day. However, for lab groups 6 and 8, it was not. We headed back to the lab to purify our proteins once again, this time making sure to label properly. After spending hours in the lab, to quote Mattia, “Today, amidst the tapestry of our collective existence, we embarked on a multitude of multifaceted endeavors, traversing a diverse spectrum of activities and accomplishments that bespeak the depths of our industriousness and the boundless potential of our aspirations. In this fleeting temporal domain, we found ourselves ceaselessly engaged in a ceaseless symphony of ceaseless pursuits, transcending the constraints of banality and surrendering to the intoxicating allure of experiential eclecticism.” 


I hope that properly represents everything SSP IU-B did today on 6/21/23 and if it doesn’t, please don’t come for me. This is my first, and probably last time writing a blog. Adios.

P.S. Thank you for understanding Jiya, Kenny, and Monica, and thank you Dr. H for guiding us through everything once more.