College Preparation

arrival day
Orientation on arrival day

SSP participants gain confidence and skills they will need to excel at any college. They learn to manage their time, to balance work and play, to value collaboration, and to recover from the shock of not understanding something the first time. Being surrounded by brilliant people working together motivates them to seek a similar environment in college.

In informal conversations with faculty, participants receive good advice on choosing a college and a major. The College Roundtable on Open House Day offers a more structured discussion of how to approach this important decision.

T-shirt art
this student design for the summer’s T-shirt contains every student’s name in calligraphy

Participants become better applicants to college because they understand themselves better … what they want to study, why and where; how they compare to other high-achieving peers. Although SSP is not a “magic ticket” to get into any college, admissions officers know that SSPers are ready to excel in college. So it’s no surprise that over half a century, the top two undergraduate destinations of SSP alumni have been MIT and Caltech.

Following the program we provide a letter of completion, not an evaluation. Participants may request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member; those are provided at the discretion of the faculty member.