How SSP Changed Me

The enthusiasm and longevity of the Summer Science Program’s support from its alumni and former faculty is unique among summer programs, and strong evidence of the profoundly positive effect it has on participants. SSP is perennially top-rated on GreatNonprofits

alumni word cloud

This word cloud was made from alumni comments going all the way back to 1959.

Comments from SSP ’22 Participants

"SSP is the ultimate collaborative experience. Working with others is how real science is done. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cut it, but the faculty at SSP makes sure that, in a sink or swim environment, no one is actually sinking. I was able to both give and receive help, which really increased my confidence."

"While the academic experience is great, the relationships and social bonds SSP fosters is what truly makes it unique. The chance to collaborate with other extremely smart and considerate people has helped me realize just how important being part of caring communities is, and that is a lesson I will cherish and hope to act upon."

"I cannot recall a time in which I have felt more academically challenged and stimulated, or time in which I have laughed or cried so much, or most of all, a time in which I have felt more sure that I have discovered how much I could be."

"SSP was the best thing I could have experienced a year before going to college. It gave me a taste of life in academia and allowed me to expand my understanding of Biochemistry with 35 incredible people. I will always be grateful for my time at SSP and the lifelong connections I made along the way."

"The essence of SSP lies in the balance. This research experience nurtured my growth both academically and socially. It is working hard to find the answers and the infinite ways to approach the problem combined with the endless philosophical discussions at the least expected time. It is the diversity and the different thought processes all merging into one beautiful experience as we unite over wearing lab coats and gloves. It is pushing your limits like never before and all the fun you have doing that. Truly an experience of a lifetime :)"

"SSP is truly a life-changing experience. Getting to experience real, hands-on research using lab techniques I had only ever learned about through textbooks strongly reinforced my love for science and research and made me excited to pursue a future career in science. I am also so grateful for all the incredible, brilliant, and kind people I met here. From early mornings and late nights in the lab working on problem sets and experimental procedures to afternoon volleyball games and movie nights, my fellow participants made every moment at SSP a memorable one."

"SSP is a highly rigorous and incredibly unique research program. It poses challenges and opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. It has been a once in a lifetime experience that has impacted and improved how i approach learning and researching for years to come."

"If there is only one thing that I am able to take from this unique research program is this night-dwelling community of beautiful, radiating, intelligent, amiable people, researchers, faculty, professors, TAs, teammates, and friends."