Genomics Faculty 2023

Indiana University

Dr. Michael Manzella​

Academic Director
Lecturer, Dept. of Biology, and ASURE Program, Indiana Univ.
Ph.D., Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State Univ., B.A., Biotechnology, Rochester Institute of Technology

Dr. Iain Duffy

Associate Academic Director
Assoc Prof. of Biology, Saint Leo Univ.
Ph.D., Molecular Virology, The Queen’s Univ. of Belfast; B.Sc., Microbiology, University College Cork

Ms. Kim McIntosh

Site Director
Biology Teacher, Science Dept Chair, Shadow Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ
M.S., B.S. Biology, Arizona State Univ.

Teaching Assistants and Residential Mentors

Carson — Biotechnology, Indiana Univ ’23
Alvin — rising senior in Biomedical Engineering/Chemistry, Harvard University
Madeline — B.S. Biotechnology, Indiana Univ. ’23
Jillian — B.S. Microbiology, Indiana Univ. ’23