The Summer Science Play

Hey everyone!

My name is Blake Brown and I am a rising Senior from Fort Worth, Texas. I have been enjoying the program so far and want to study genetics or molecular biology in the future. 

However, I am here to share some exciting developments here at the Genomics Program at Indiana University! We are quickly coming upon the date of the talent show at the end of the program and we are excited to announce that plans are being made for a fun, final skit depicting many of the participants playing the roles of the TAs and faculty. 

This skit will be written by Arowyn and will showcase the participants pretending to be the TAs in assigning rooms and roommates. Without revealing too much, we think it will be a lot of lighthearted fun!

We only have four days to write the script while also somehow managing to visit the lake and kayak tomorrow, balance our Galaxy projects, and revise our written abstracts/introductions. However, we remain undeterred and are intent on seeing this plan to completion. In addition to Arowyn, we have several participants who are also planning on helping with writing and reviewing the script.

The cast (as of right now) is as follows:

Alvin will be played as Harsh 
Carson will be played as Blake (me)
Jillian will be played as Arowyn
Madeline will be played as Sheryl

Dr. Manzella will be played as Ameya
Dr. Duffy will be played as Amarri 
Mrs. Macintosh will be played as Anas

Narrator will be played as Gayatri  

These spots are still subject to change and we suspect that other participants may make guest appearances.

Lastly, we want to reiterate that this performance will only be for fun and we will not try to make fun of or demean anybody including the staff and TAs. 

Hopefully, this could be a fun new Genomics tradition!