The Third Time’s a Charm

Hi blog readers! Today is the third full day at SSP. So far, SSP has truly been a transformative and enriching experience, but also an adjustment. On the days leading up to SSP, I was filled with excitement for meeting my new classmates and being in a new environment, apart from my small hometown. Once June 19th rolled around, I packed up my things, and drove to the lands of Indiana! Arrival day was filled with trying to navigate the campus of Purdue without getting lost and playing the game of “Hi, where are you from?” After a shockingly cold night, we were ready for our very first day of SSP.

From the very first day we dove headfirst into the world of biochemistry with lectures and labs. We were tasked with growing bacteria colonies. Our lab group only had 1 single colony grow, opposed to the many colonies that were supposed to grow. Consequently, we had to grow out our single colony first, and then transfer the cells into our other tubes. We were able to adjust to the circumstances and continue progressing with the project. After a day of growing bacteria colonies and troubleshooting, we were ready for day 2. 

On day 2, we were tasked with making the gel for our SDS PAGE. After some slight miscommunication, we didn’t make enough stacking gel and our second gel failed! In the end, we agreed to share a second gel with another group. 

Then comes day 3, a day of bowling, collaboration, and labs! This time our group managed to successfully complete the labs assigned! The 3rd time was the charm. 

Coming to SSP was truly an adjustment, and while we were getting acclimated to this new environment, we have already made lifelong friendships that will last far beyond these 6 weeks. While it may have been daunting in the beginning, with time I can confidently say that most of us have adjusted well. From “nighttime science” while working on the infamous “assignment 2” to cheering with new friends at bowling, the SSP program has been truly an amazing experience.

Hi, my name is Grace. I am a rising senior from Pennsylvania. In my free time I love to play violin, hang out with friends, and learn new things!