The True Start of SSP

Author: Stephen S.

Now where do I even start? The past 4 days for me have been a very wild ride. Of course, since I am writing for the Monday blog, I have the privilege of writing about everything that happened from Friday night to Monday night.

Friday night was a night I will never forget. Usually, I would go to bed around 3 or 4 am on an average night for SSP, but today was different. Saturday was the day of the talent show, and I had the honor of editing our music video called “Falling Stars,” a parody of the song Counting Stars by OneRepublic. I now have mad respect to every video editor out there as pulling an all-nighter while listening to Counting Stars on repeat for 8 hours was an unusual experience, yet one I will treasure forever. Let’s just say, the editing was complete, but hours of sleep were lost. Thankfully, I had a great team with me, consisting of Matt, Sophia, and Bronwyn. Together, we edited both of our music videos and were able to submit them to our wonderful MC’s (2 hours before the talent show started), Katrina and Lucy. 

Here’s a pic we decided to take in order to commemorate our valiant effort 🙂 :

The talent show was amazing with acts ranging from Alice and Jonathan’s peaceful piano and yo-yo act, to Justin’s amazing leg skipping rope talent I didn’t know anyone could do, to Lizzie’s amazing electric guitar performance. Every act was unique and made me realize how talented some of my fellow SSPeers are (yes, even Jeremy’s meme recorder performance 🙂 )

Honestly, the weekend was full of sleeping and wondering about the week ahead of us. Dr. R posted our final assignments of SSP, and while I did feel a bit sad that my days of SSP are soon to be over, I realized that my little 1998 OH asteroid needed to be investigated. I am currently sitting next to a burning laptop that is probably going to run a program for the next 10 hours, and I just had to leave a Zoom call where everyone was working hard on their OD code. The amount of work may be daunting, but I honestly love every bit (especially when Abby decides to serenade us with her live harmonica performance of Mary Had a Little Lamb when I told her I didn’t like SWIFT).

I must go back to work, so that I don’t pull another all-nighter, but before I do, I need to give a shoutout to my team.

Thank you so much Lizzie and Jay for everything. I truly couldn’t have asked for better teammates throughout the whole SSP. You guys are always there for me (even if it’s helping to get my centroid code to work at 2 am 🙂 ), and thank you so much for laughing at my weird stories and jokes. You guys are the best, and anyone reading this should definitely get to know Jay and Lizzie more (you can’t dislike them guaranteed). I know we’ll survive this last week of SSP, and I truly hope that we get to meet in person one day. But for now, it’s GRIND GRIND GRIND!!! 🙂

Hey, my name is Stephen, and I’m currently a rising senior at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of the classroom, I love to play squash, go hiking, chill with friends and family, and stargaze. My music taste is really weird in the sense that I love every genre (ranging from classical to rap to edm to pop), so if you want any music suggestions of any genre, I’m your guy. Anyways, it’s the last week of SSP, so pull through everybody. I know we got this!