The world is dark and hard (Harrison’s June 13th Blog)

The world is dark and hard. Today was the SECOND day of SSP. It is currently 11:43 PM and I have very limited time to complete this assignment. I woke up today with one of the most ear-deafening alarms that I had not realized I selected. By waking up early at 7 am sharp, I was able to strengthen my cardiovascular system through a brisk shindig with my fellow SSP members. Afterwards, I decided to increase my calorie intake that would allow me to survive on a daily basis. Today’s first lecture also began at 9 am. This was our first python lesson with Dr. B who gave an introduction to what python is; teaching what a loop, function, and other ways we can communicate with our computers through the language of coding. This was my first time ever learning python in a real classroom (compared to learning through a textbook) so it seemed very simple to others but was new for me. 

a python practice question

After the python lesson, I realized that since lunch is optional, I took a power nap during our break. I would recommend other students to do the same thing if they went to sleep really late or woke up really early as it gives you the energy to function through the rest of the day, even if it meant we had to skip lunch (breakfast is the most important meal and dinner tastes very good, therefore, you shall skip lunch if necessary). Afterwards, we had our second astronomy lecture, which was definitely a step-up from the previous day. We learned about celestial coordinates and spherical geometry which felt like it went through one ear and out through the other. However, with practice and dedication, we can probably get through this idea and process it. After our two lectures, it was time for some SPIKEBALL. 

In the past 2 days, the boys have obtained the spikeball set and have been addicted since. There have been mentions of creating a spikeball tournament in order to find the best spikeball team at SSP @ UNC.The rules of spikeball are very similar to volleyball, in which you only get 3 touches to hit the ball onto the net and not for it to hit the ground. Dinner has been very enjoyable as we are able to sit with the TAs or professors and talk about life rather than more educational information. Finally, I usually chill in the lounge with some of my fellow peers to work on the problem sets (the first problem set was very challenging) and to just learn more about them and have an enjoyable time.

Maybe the world isn’t so difficult and hard at all.

My name is Harrison Liang and I am currently attending Wauwatosa West, Wisconsin.