The Wrath of the Sun (and how to fight it)

Author: Ihor M.

Honestly, I couldn’t really figure out what to write here. As I was racking my brain for an answer (a feeling well-known to other pset enjoyers), a notification popped up saying that June 26th is totally going to be the hottest day ever! Of course, I was super excited, checking the NMSU Campus weather station every couple of minutes. At exactly 4:30 PM, it finally hit the peak: 🔥106.6°F🔥 (that’s 41.45 °C for us, normal people). Luckily, we have some ways to cool ourselves, for example, consuming ridiculous quantities of water from our very fancy astronomic water bottles…

Water bottle with James Webb Space Telescope

… or enjoying a cone in the company of Pistol Pete, the top guy here at the NMSU (he also has guns 😎). 

Pistol Pete

The third and the most effective way includes the objectively THE coolest thing around: ‼️THE FIRETRUCK‼️🔥🚒

Fire truck

Kind young firepeople that were doing the training on our lawn would surely fulfill your wish for a cool and refreshing shower…


… with some light dispersion included! 🌈

In the spirit of data analysis, I looked at the past three years to find out whether it really was the hottest day ever, and if you don’t count July 13th, 2020, with its 106.7°F, you should definitely share my excitement as it totally was the hottest day ever!

About me:

Hi! I’m Ihor! I come from Kyiv, Ukraine, and spent a year at the Masters School in New York. I enjoy screaming at inanimate objects until they do what I say (also known as computer science) and explaining to people that bats are highly advanced stealth government drones. At SSP, you can find me enjoying the company of nighttime skunks and staring at random things in the distance.