They all told me New Mexico would be hot.

Author: Jayden C.

Hi everyone–Jayden here. New Mexico is too cold. ☹️

I’m genuinely being serious. Ask anyone else from SSP NMSU; they’ll all… well, they might not admit that it’s cold, but they’ll at least tell you how often I complain about being cold. If you need any more reference: I was playing frisbee in a black hoodie and denim jacket in (apparently!) 100 degree heat and I was cold. To be completely honest, I think there’s a conspiracy at play here. Think about it: NMSU is obviously the best SSP campus (even the other campuses agree!), and if not for the infamous New Mexico climate, SSPlicants every year would likely be swarming to attend SSP NMSU. The only thing keeping them at bay are the fabricated climate reports.

Aaaanyways, I think I probably said too much. But we all know how to keep a secret, right? 😉

Besides the cold, though, SSP at NMSU is… honestly amazing. There are too many things to talk about in one post, but I’ll try to list some of my most memorable moments!

First: Stars.

But not the astronomy type of stars! For the past few days, my colleagues have been manufacturing hundreds(?) of paper stars daily. Not during lecture, of course! 😉

I’m proud to say that I was the pioneer and supplier of the star production movement, with most of our stars being created from my own stash of star paper. If you’re not too sure what paper stars look like, I’ve attached a small sample of our production below. The rest are hidden somewhere, but you’re not allowed to know where quite yet. 😉

Next! Lectures!

Our lectures have genuinely been amazing. Or so they say. I’m not sure, because I don’t understand 75% of the things we’re told. The other 25% is the jokes that Drs. Rengstorf, Andersen, and Bauer tell. They never miss, by the way. Never.

Third… Frisbee.

Nevermind. If you know, you know.

Well then… PSets!

…actually, I think I’ll skip this one too. I’m not ready to talk about them. I don’t think I’ll ever be.

Maybe I don’t have so much to talk about after all. I’ll leave the other interesting topics for my fellow colleagues to talk about in their own blogs, I guess. 

Before I end off, however, I definitely need to take a moment to talk about our amazing faculty and TAs. Along with the aforementioned Drs. Rengstorf, Andersen, and Bauer, I have to thank Ms. Martinez, Benji, Kathryn, Joel, and Lara for all of their support through our first week of the program. They’re all a huge part of what makes NMSU the best SSP campus, and I can’t thank them enough for all they do for us.

And… well, to end off, I’m kind of sad that each of us only write one blog post. Writing this was honestly really fun, even if I kind of had to rush to finish this. Maybe I should start a petition to let us write more blogs?

Anyways, as I’m writing this, I realized that I’m not too sure how to best end this blog post. Honestly, I’m regretting not writing more. Even though I’ve been here for only a week, there’s so so so much more to talk about. But this is getting pretty long. 546 words at the end of this sentence? And I have trouble writing 200 word essays in school?


If you’re traveling to New Mexico anytime soon, please be sure to dress warmly!

Have a great day, everyone!


About me:

Hi! I’m Jayden. Whenever people ask for fun facts about me, my default responses are that I’m colorblind and that I have two brothers. I love talking and getting to know people, and I’m so glad to work with all of my peers at SSP!