Tie-Dying and Winding Down

Today was finally a chance for everyone to relax after a week’s worth of excessive lab work. Continued chemostat malfunctions, confused Galaxy sessions, and chaotic Discord conversations meant the weekend break was much needed. 

Saturday was spent tie-dying, making ice cream, and doing some sports. Although we started with an intense game of ultimate frisbee, it was cut (justifiably) pretty short due to Logan’s injury (get well soon Logan! Also, please reply to Andrew’s message, he wants to feel appreciated). With tie-dying, we were able to go absolutely crazy with different colors not only on our shirts, but all over our arms and legs too. The first 20 minutes back at dorms was spent trying to wash everything off- which failed. We’re all excited, and probably worried, of how everything will turn out. Finally, everyone could cool down with some ice cream, especially with us outside during the day’s peak sunlight hours. As a whole, we finally got some time to hang around friends and are finishing the night with some movies and games- looking forward for the weeks to come!

About Me:

Hello! I am Kylie from Bangkok, Thailand- away from the classroom, I can be found practicing Taekwondo or hiding in my room reading poetry. Within SSP, I can most likely be found in the lab with a chemostat and LB3 with the nostalgic genomics spotify playlist and a group of friends 🙂