End of an Era #goodbyechemostat

Welcome week 4!! I’m so excited to finally be making a blog post. SSP has truly been the
experience of a lifetime so far.

The three weeks we’ve had have been filled with lab work, daily walks with my friends,
genome sequencing with galaxy 🌌 󰚤, friendship bracelet making, and interesting
geometric shapes.

I’ll be doing a full run through of my day🫡 Today was pretty chill (no field trips, no big
surprises) so this is pretty representative of our everyday routine at SSP.

Still, today is a BIG DAY. We are saying goodbye to our chemistry, which has dutifully helped us run our antibiotic resistance experiment for the last 2 weeks.

Morning coffee with my friend Arowyn at Sugar & Spice!

8:30 am: Headed over to the lab and worked on genome alignment for a while on Galaxy.
Here’s a picture of us brainstorming a flowchart for multi-sequence alignment.

Okay now the important part 🙁

Me and Elgin (my lab mate) saying our final goodbyes to the chemostat 💔

Emptying our vials ^
After that we disassembled our entire chemostat and put it in an autoclave bin to be
autoclaved 💔

Post dinner was fun though! After studying for a while and finishing up some homework, my friend Harsh and I went to practice our duet for a little bit at the music school.

Pretty sky

Me and Harsh’s outfits and his french horn 🎺
That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and hopefully see you again 🙂