Top 10 Reasons to not Learn an Instrument: Aishani’s July 8th Blog

I tried. I really tried. I tried to start my day today refreshed from a full 8 hours of sleep, yet I continue to conform to the SSP culture of sleeping at ungodly hours. Yesterday, we decided to take a “short” practice break to prepare for the talent show during office hours because we were working oh so hard on our reports… We deserved this break! 

Anyway, here’s the aftermath of Brenda and me full running our piece while simultaneously spinning on chairs. Special thanks to Jasmine’s emotional support Rachmaninoff in the background. We are so talented.

At approximately 8:39 AM EDT, I faced the consequences of my actions the previous night. I had to peel my aching body off of the stone slab mattress (I miss memory foam) in order to make it to class on time. But my efforts were rewarded with a lecture I was especially looking forward to, black holes! (I still wonder what it would feel like to be spaghettified)

For lunch, we thought about splurging on the gourmet waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A or a decadent cookie at Subway, but unfortunately they were closed for whatever reason, so we settled for yet another mediocre lunch at Chase dining hall. 

You know when they say SSP isn’t at all like school? Well, they lied. Stepping into the dining room today was like walking into an elementary school cafeteria on free ice-cream day. It was a war zone there, kids scrambling with cups filled to the brim with atrocious soda combinations in one hand and plates stacked with greasy pizza in the other. Little do they know maturing is realizing that the salads are the best thing in the dining hall.

Anna, Dibo, and Tiffany have strong opinions about children.

James please check up on your roommate once in a while. 

There’s one day a week where we are guaranteed edible food in a stable environment, and that day is Saturday since we all get to go out to the restaurants on Franklin Street! But due to the weather, it was delayed by a few hours, so… JUST DANCE!

Yup! That’s enough exercise for me for the entire five and a half weeks.

After burning enough calories to power a particle accelerator or two, we decided to refuel by eating our weight in Indian food with enough leftovers to power a third particle accelerator.

It was all smiles and laughter until we saw the bill and calculated that the cost per person was over $30. Thank goodness we went to Chase for lunch. But I guess I’ll be eating mutton biryani for breakfast tomorrow.

Even though I was one samosa away from falling into a food coma, I went to office hours to finish and turn in my report. After receiving my daily dose of clowning by Anna for not having Spotify Premium, I finally clicked that submit button, basked in the Canvas confetti, closed my 70 tabs, ejected my flash drive, and headed back to my dorm. 

To conclude today’s blog, here’s a trypophobia-inducing flat that I keep forgetting to x out of. Thank you Feli for saving this onto my hard drive, I’m going to have nightmares. (Feli’s note: Sorry it bothers you. I’m with you though, I’ve definitely seen better.)

About Me:

Hey guys! My name is Aishani Bal, and I’m from Cumming, Georgia! I’ve always been interested in STEM topics since early childhood, and SSP has given me the opportunity to explore this passion in an intense but rewarding and fun environment. Outside of academics, I like to shatter eardrums play my clarinet and violin, burn down my kitchen bake tasty treats, and touch grass once in a while.