Please DO NOT email your own transcript!

We accept only official transcripts uploaded, emailed or mailed from your school.

Choose one of the following three ways to ask your school to submit your transcript.

1. Submit the email of the person at your school who handles transcript requests (such as your counselor or the registrar). We will send an email to this person with instructions for your school to upload your transcript directly to your application.

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2. Ask your school to email an official transcript to, showing your coursework and grades for the past two years or more (9th-11th grade). Coursework and grades from the current year are required, either on the transcript or report card*.

3. Ask your school to mail your official transcript in a sealed letterhead envelop, or hand to you in a sealed envelop, and mail to:

Summer Science Program
2054 Kildaire Farm Rd #416
Cary, NC 27518

YOU may mail an official transcript only if it is sealed in a letterhead envelope by your school.

If you attended different schools for 9-11th grades, your current school may include a copy of your previous school’s transcript OR you must ask your previous school to mail or email your official transcript.  If you requested transcripts from two or more schools (for example, if you have taken a community college class) please use the “note to SSP’ on the short answer page to list the transcripts we should expecte.

If you are applying from a school outside the U.S. please review the International Students page.

.  You may mail or email (to the addresses above) a current report card of your classes and grades from the current school year (fall semester and in progress) if current classes are not on your transcript.

We do not accept emailed transcripts from students under any circumstances!