Participants Travelling to Campus

If you’re not a US citizen and will enter the US to attend SSP, please read the handbook section: Non- US Citizens Arriving from Outside the USA.

If for any reason you will be unable to arrive and depart at the specified days and times, contact us before you purchase a ticket! Our ability to accommodate early or late arrivals or departures is very limited.

Participants may not have a vehicle at the Program. If someone will drive you to campus, plan to arrive between 3 pm and 5 pm. We will send parking instructions for the campus later. The Academic or Site Director, and/or Campus Manager, will hold an optional Q&A session for parents. Families should say their goodbyes and depart campus by about 5 pm.

Most participants fly to SSP by themselves, which is perfectly fine, but of course family members may accompany you. If you do fly alone, we will get you from the airport to campus, if you book flights as follows:

  • from home to SSP: scheduled to land before 2 pm
  • return home: scheduled to take off after 12:30 pm (1:30 pm for international flights)

Flights arriving later, or departing earlier – even by 20 minutes – might be more convenient or less expensive, but may make you miss the shuttle to campus on Arrival Day, or miss your flight on Departure Day!

On Arrival Day you are, of course, welcome to arrive many hours early, even the night before. However, we cannot take responsibility for your welfare until staff arrive at the airport, at about noon.

If your arriving flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes, or your travel is disrupted in some other way, call the Site Director at your first opportunity. Don’t worry! We will help you get to campus.

Arrival airports for Participants

*Purdue University alternate airport: Chicago O’Hare (ORD) may be more convenient and/or less expensive than IND, especially from outside the U.S. If you choose ORD, you will need to reserve a shuttle to and from Purdue. SSP will NOT provide transportation from or to O’Hare.