TRUE to its name

SSP could be an abbreviation for many words or phrases, but to me it will always stand for what I was a part of in this special year 2021, as this will be the one name that I would count on in my life, always standing in the forefront of my cherished memories.

Project submissions, late night-outs have been common in school days, yet pulling all-nighters at SSP has been enjoyable because that’s what passion mixed with collaboration does. 

In schools, it’s always the boring anticipated lecture that piles up on you making you feel stressed. But wait, at SSP the stress was still there, even at the limit of you thinking that it will never end. You don’t believe it?  OD OD OD…That’s what we’ve been chanting for the last 3 months (Nonono, it’s just been weeks; Okay, I admit, I’m too drowsy right now)

Ah, here comes the social hour, our savior. Codenames, Gartic, Wordbomb, and of course, the one and only…Chess have all been bringing our peace of mind back from outer space so it doesn’t just start spinning like our sneaky little asteroids (actually sooo big, thanks to Dr. Domingue for some incredible insights).

Speaking of our faculty, be it at the Codenames Championship, or Chess tournaments (our rivalry is still on, haha), or resolving our OD Code issues, Andrei’s emotions are priceless. TA’s are the best.

*The rivalry must continue, The community must grow!

And how could I forget Dr. Kim, the brain of our OD mission, training us to break through every Cosmic dust particle step-by-step so we can reach our dream stars.

Guest lectures during SSP were simply awesome, particularly the one in which we could see serious “Mad Science” mesmerized me.

Yes!, we are done, even with our final OD Report. Our team 11, ‘The Stellar Stelline’ rests in peace.

Well, true to its name, SSP continued and continued until the Thank-You time which jolted with the fact that every run comes to an end, an End that I still wish to take ahead among the community.


About Me:

Hello! I’m Ayush, a rising senior from India. Apart from Math and Computer Science, in my free time, I enjoy swimming, playing chess, and watching movies.