Turkey Run and Salmon (or lack thereof)

Today was the long-awaited day the IU (obviously the best campus) people met the Purdue genomics (gee-nom-ics obviously) and biochemistry people. After discussing our (somewhat aggressive) strategies to replenish our dwindling supply of pipettes, we boarded the bus to head to Turkey Run State Park. Based on our past two experiences with buses (which shall not be named), some of us were not particularly excited to get on the bus… However, the bus journey began without any trouble and soon we arrived at the state park. Unfortunately, the weather was very humid, but on the bright side, it wasn’t too hot, especially as we descended into the actual park. 

Before lunch, we had two hours to hike and explore the park. Combined with the humidity, the winding trail we took resulted in some sweat (a heavy downpour of sweat indeed), and sighs. Soon, some of us found refuge in the Nature Center of the state park, where we enjoyed a fifteen minute long video explaining the origins of the park. Coincidentally, this is also when everyone agreed that the pinnacle of human civilization is, indeed, the air conditioning. Nothing will ever achieve the level of greatness that air conditioning has reached. All hail the AC gods?

The afternoon went by in a blur, consisting of hotdogs, basketball, walks, and even more AC. By the time the bus had pulled up again, we were all exhausted. After meeting all of the people from Purdue, everyone agreed that they were cool, but that we were obviously the better campus. Since we’re having the genomics participants over for dinner next week, I suppose we’ll get another chance to prove that. 

While I’m writing this, someone’s interrupting that despite a guy named Salmon Lusk being an important part of the park’s history, there was a remarkable lack of salmon. My train of thought had been derailed… Now that I think about it, it’s probably time to go prepare for tomorrow’s lab anyway and make sacrifices to the assay deities for good results. To the dear reader reading this, enjoy the blogs!