We Luv Mondays

Still after three weeks in SSP, it took two alarms and three timers for me to finally muster up enough strength to wake up and start the day I knew I was going to love. Mondays… don’t we all love Mondays to give us the same excitement and happiness we find on the weekends. Well today was like any other fun Monday: a day packed with three lectures and two activities with our beloved MOE. yay.

The morning started as everything was planned. At the armory, Dr. Hall presented his lecture, and we paid attention(kinda). Afterward, it was time to meet our friend MOE and his activity for us. I had anticipated a rough two hours and a room filled with confusion, frustration, and depression; however, the assignment was relatively easy and the pain dealing with MOE was minimal.  In the middle of class, a group of classmates were chosen to answer a few questions for SSP. Unfortunately(…or luckily?), I was not selected to participate. Otherwise, the morning was pretty chill and relaxing. 

At lunch, we had gone to PMU to grab a bite, only to find the place to be packed with people waiting for food. Seeing that the line for sushi was too long, I decided to get a teriyaki chicken bowl from Zen, which I think is the best restaurant in the place.

Following lunch, we were scheduled to sit through another two fun lectures, one on enzyme inhibition and another on ligand docking. I know you can feel my excitement. Anyways, I survived and even learned something new. Next, we got to meet our friend MOE once more for today. Midway through we traveled to CHAS to take some action shots in the lab for Ms. Belote. I posed to be examining my group’s specificity assay plate while the other people performed different stunts like Joe’s group pipetted some dihydrogen monoxide.

Finally, the day was coming to an end as we headed for dinner. As today was Monday, we were assigned to sit with other people. I got to sit with Dr. Das, along with Daniel, Kyra, Payton, Dmitra, and Michelle. Together, we talked about our plans after SSP and which sports we play. To be honest, dinner at SSP is one of my favorite times here as we get to meet other people we usually don’t interact with. Everyday, I learn more about someone and become more connected with everyone.

Julia, Grace, Michelle, Dmitra, Peyton, and Kyra out getting some Dairy Queen
Joe, Yuvan, and Gavin chilling outside in the warm sun.

After dinner, a group of people went to Dairy Queen for some sweet dessert while others headed back to relax and wait for the dorm meeting. Following a hard day’s work, we finally earned the rest of the day to wind down and enjoy our time. Except for me as it’s currently 9:50 P.M. and need to send this blog entry to Micah ASAP. However, while writing this entry today  I realized that although today was relatively uneventful, it was relaxing to have a day without any chaos or problems. Moreover, we all had fun throughout the whole day. I guess at SSP it does not matter what occurs here, we will always enjoy our time.  

Second floor of the WALC

P.S. – If you guys at Purdue need access to computers, come upstairs in the building where awh bwah pahn is located. There are a lot of computers for everyone to use and it is very relaxing to work here. 

Hey! I am Ritvik Senjalia from Bridgewater-Raritan High School in Bridgewater, New Jersey. I love to debate, play tennis, and get ripped.