Welcome to SSP 2023 at CU Boulder!

Hi everyone, over the last few days, we (the TAs) and senior faculty have been busy at work preparing the CUB campus for participants’ arrival on Sunday. Following SSP tradition, each participant will write a blog post over the next few weeks, highlighting their own experiences. To kick things off, we’d like to introduce ourselves first: 


Was good y’all. My name is Diego. I graduated from CU Boulder back in 2021 with a degree in Astrophysics, and am currently in graduate school doing research related to inflationary cosmology. In my free time I enjoy reading philosophy books and going on hikes. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi, my name is Laura! I graduated from Yale in 2022 with a bachelor’s in physics. Prior to SSP, I worked at NIST Boulder for a year in the Physical Measurements Laboratory. I also attended SSB at CUB in 2017, so I have many beloved memories from my time in Boulder. 🙂 I love drawing, reading, and gardening. In the fall, I will be attending graduate school for my PhD, and I’ll be doing research on experimental atomic physics!


Hi everyone! I’m Laurissa. I did SSP at CUB in 2018, and I just finished my 3rd year in Aerospace Engineering at UCSD. I most enjoy working with flight simulators, airfoil design, and fabrication labs. I also love rock climbing, motorcycling, musical instruments, and arts and crafts. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Hi, I’m Richard! I graduated last month from Harvard with a bachelors in physics and a masters in computer science. Within physics, I’ve worked mostly on imaging black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. Outside of academics, I love cooking and hiking. I’m excited for SSP and to meet everyone!

To all the CUB participants, we’re so excited to meet you all soon! We hope that we can make SSP everything you’re hoping for, and more!

Your TAs,

Diego, Laura, Laurissa, Richard