Welcome To SSP Day 1!

Welcome all SSPers to the first day of in-person SSP since 2019! Us TAs have spent the last week getting everything ready to go in the labs as well as the dorms and trying our best to answer the many questions about them. We thoroughly believe that the program will live up to all expectations and be a great experience for everyone. So for all the participants reading this, we will have already met you by the time this blog posts (hopefully), and all the parents inevitably checking this blog daily to see if your child is okay, relax, they’re fine (hopefully). This will be the only blog post poorly written by me, because after today each participant will write their own post about whatever they want to write about, so this blog will become an archive of sorts for everyone to look back at someday.

That said, here’s an introduction for all 4 of our TAs this year:



Trevor (He/Him)

Hello, I’m Trevor, I’m a rising senior at Purdue studying Biomedical Engineering, and I’m originally from central Illinois. In my free time, I watch a lot of movies and shows or play video games if I’m feeling lazy, but the rest of the time I like to cook and play pickup basketball. 

Emma (She/Her)

Hi everyone! I am Emma, and I am a senior at IU this year. I am studying biochemistry and Spanish, and am exploring the educational and medical fields after graduation. If I have free time, I like reading, taking nice walks, and making highly specific playlists. 

 Emily (She/Her)

Hello! I’m Emily. I graduated this May from Purdue with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in English majoring in Professional Writing, and a Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This fall I’m starting a PhD program in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin Madison. In my free time, I enjoy trying different teas, knitting, writing, and dressing my cat up in hats. 

Karenna (She/Her)

Hi all! I’m Karenna and I just graduated from Purdue with a BS in biochemistry and a BA in political science 😀 I am actually from Bloomington, IN though and I am excited to be back for SSP as well as an MPA-MSES dual master’s program that I will start this fall! My hobbies include gardening, foraging, reading, painting, drawing, and being an SSP TA! ^u^