Welcome To SSP Genomics Day 1!

Get excited SSPers for the first day of SSP 2023! We have been preparing for your arrival as well as the entire program this past week making sure everything will run smoothly this summer. We hope that the program will exceed your expectations and be one of the best summers you’ve had. To all the participants, these blog posts will be a record of some of your favorite memories and a reflection of your growth throughout the summer. All of the parents will be checking to see if you guys are fine (don’t worry, they will be!) This will be the only blog post written by me, but every day afterward, each participant will have an opportunity to write their own post about whatever they want to!

With all of that being said, here are introductions for all our TAs this year:

Jillian (She/Her)

Hi, I’m Jillian Lewis. I graduated from IU with a Microbiology B.S. in Spring 2023, and I am soon to be a UConn Husky in their Molecular and Cell Biology PhD program in Fall 2023. In my free time I enjoy crocheting, jewelry-making, being a plant parent, and studying bacterial symbiosis!

Carson (He/Him)

Hi everyone, my name is Carson. I’m from Pennsylvania and just graduated from IU with a degree in Biotechnology and Business. In my free time, I enjoy running, listening to music and playing videogames.

Madeline (She/Her)

Hello! I’m Madeline, and I just graduated from IU in May of 2023. I will be attending UW-Seattle to pursue a PhD in Microbiology come fall. In my spare time, I enjoy playing a slew of instruments and am always picking up new hobbies. My most recent addiction has been wire jewelry making!

Alvin (He/Him)

Hello! I’m Alvin. I am a rising senior at Harvard College studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health and Health Policy, and I am originally from NYC. During my free time, I love playing volleyball, watching kdramas, or looking for the next food spot to hit up!