Where did my five hours go. Feat EU4

By: Grant T

Five on five off three on, SSPers far and wide can appreciate that schedule for what it is: deceptively all consuming. 

In my case, from the outset I saw the schedule as not only manageable but those five hours as prime time to perhaps exercise, hang with friends, maybe even chip away at the Common App. None of these plans came to fruition however. 

Although I appreciate the immersive experience, intelligent and multi-faceted participants, and their fascinating, never ending list of pastimes. There are only so many hours in five hours. I never once imagined my potentially productive breaks being bogged down by the likes of new music, books, TV and especially EU4 (thanks Dr. Bauer and Vinny). 

“The educational experience of a lifetime” … yea right

^SSP practicing false advertising^

Before you kick me out I would like to clarify:

A more apt one liner is: “The greatest cultural diffusion one will ever experience in five weeks, sure you could travel somewhere exhotic… but here you get tossed into a mixing pot of intelligence, motivation and diversity of experience and ideas. If you could eat from the resulting pot one would die happy.” Or, you know, maybe a few lines…


Point being, if you are considering applying for SSP, then consider my case. In just 2 ½ weeks I discovered songs from time periods, genres, musicians I wouldn’t never have found otherwise, movies, video games, even philosophies on life and what motivates people. I may even end up watching anime after this, a sentence I never thought I would write.

Grant’s Hot Takes

  • Cold>Hot (snow)
  • Latin>any other language
  • TPAB>best album of the 10’s
  • Tenet>Inception
  • BOTW best nintendo game ever

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My name is Grant, I am a rising senior at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC. I have two kittens, a ball python and really enjoy biking, skiing, model rockets, audible(Jim Dale HP iykyk), the cold, and Kendrick Lamar.