White Sands, Petroglyphs, and Wendy’s… Oh My!

Boy, did I pick a good day to write my blog post (future NMTers take note ;). Let me set the scene for you… it’s 10:33 pm and SSPers are catching z’s on the bus after a glorious day of hiking, petroglyphs, Wendy’s, sand dune sledding, and partially-collapsed 8 person pyramids (see below).

Cool desert air is ruffling through the bus windows, and as you peer up at the Milky Way, a muffled Bo Burnham song plays from the front of the bus. 

But wait… let’s backtrack. Here’s the firsthand play by play.

9:00 am: Groggy-eyed, SSPeople (see what I did there) file into Speare for Dr. Andersen’s Math/Physics Lecture #9. A seemingly eye-shaped diagram details the path of a Ghost Asteroid and you wonder if this pertains to TA Eric’s infamous bathroom snake story.

11:00 am: Having mastered the concepts of the Mean and Eccentric Anomalies, you head to Fidel for an early lunch. There is a hum of excitement in the SSP corner for the much-anticipated White Sands trip. Conan Gray plays over the Fire and Ice speakers and the SSPerformers vocalize the chorus to “Astronomy”. How fitting.

11:45 am: SSPers execute the traditional “walk to Driscoll while swatting everything in sight, even if there’s no mosquito” dance. It’s lyrical. 

The bus leaves Driscoll for Field Trip #2…

1:45 pm: Touchdown at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site! A parade of sunscreen-lathered science students scale the rocky terrain.

6:00 pm: Wendy’s of Alamogordo sees an influx of enthusiastic customers…

Seen above: Evan C. “throws 4s” per Alan M.’s request.

7:25 pm: Arrival at White Sands! The desert gleams during “golden hour” and SSPers take advantage of the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Deeya V. prepares to launch down a sand dune while Sharon C. records.

An Ambush of Astronomers roll down the dunes.

Rohan I. is carried to his burial.

Rohan I. is buried.

Mateo N. is buried.

Dr. Rengstorf poses with the clan as the sun sets on another amazing day.

Best Wishes,

Rebecca S.

Connecticutian, Squash and Cello Player (not simultaneously, unfortunately)