Work vs. Fun: The Tension

This morning started off with my roommate waking me up for a lecture that wasn’t even going to happen. It was annoying, but it got me going instead of wasting time “sleeping.” Who needs sleep anyway. The lobby is quite peaceful when no one is around. Watching the big screen television is quite relaxing. After breakfast I went for a peaceful meal. Taking my sweet time with my meal, I noticed more and more SSPers came. We left as a group and then went back to our dorms to gather our supplies to work.

Due to the cancellation of lecture for the morning, we had plenty of time to work on assignments and, more importantly, the photometry for our asteroid. And so we reached the SBO, and started working, at our own pace. After spending some time on it, I discovered something that forced me to restart the process. Something like this can drive someone insane. C’est la vie, isn’t it? Taking a break before starting again seemed like a good idea.  As a matter of fact, we went on a field trip so I decided to start after that. Taking a field trip always makes you feel better, and the interesting Colorado weather makes it even better.

The weather was sunny when we walked to Pearl Street Mall. Ethan, one of my friends, brought an umbrella – I have no idea why – which we used for shade, but then realized that it had hardly helped. Despite that, we had a lot of fun chatting along the way. There was in fact an art festival that day, so our eyes were open to so many unique pieces of art. As we walked through the art, we became tired of the scorching sun, so we looked for a place to grab some drinks. In order to get our respective drinks, some of my friends went separate ways. After that, we went to a tea house to relax and chat. I must say that we had some very intelligent and deep discussions. It didn’t even occur to us that it started raining all of a sudden. It was just a matter of chatting away the time. While scurrying under Ethan’s umbrella, we tried to find a new location, or “bar hopping” as Ethan called it. Our discussion turned to some potential business opportunities. It is one of our finest ideas to create a bar-themed restaurant for teens that serves fruit punch and stuff.

The rain clears up just like that. It’s a very interesting experience. It was time to go, so we met up with everyone and left just like we had come, in sunny weather. The Colorado weather has truly united us all, and I learned a lot about my friends as well after this experience.

That evening, we were free to sit with anyone at dinner. Afterwards, Ethan and I filmed a scene for our Batman movie we are working on. Our script generated a lot of laughter and amazement from our TAs, which did meant we had some interesting takes on the film’s direction. Our funkiest clothes were then worn for a surprise fashion show at the SBO. Of course, who packs stuff like this? Apparently there are people out there ready for anything, we saw superhero costumes, a man in 80s style pants with a suit coat on top and a Fortnite shirt underneath, the cat in the hat, etc. My photometry resumed after that fun. Skipping all the boring parts, I am relieved to say that I finished on time. In celebration, I played Duel of Fates and rolled around with those rolly chairs pretending to duel with Ethan.

In the evening, our team went to do our observation. As the images came out clear right away, we had a lot of fun looking at other things, because here at CUB, if you wish hard enough for the weather to clear, it does.

When I came back for my midnight snack, I caught up with a couple of SSPers about the gossip of the day. I left with my roommate once I got tired. This blog will end with a snippet of my dream-time: I was somewhat conscious throughout the dream, but I got jolted awake by someone throwing a ball at me.


My name is Kennaissa, and I’m a rising senior at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Physics, math, and hanging out with friends are some of my favorite things. Through SSP, I’ve been able to put theory I’ve been learning all this time into practice!