Natural Habitat: Zuha’s July 2nd Blog

I was a fool to think that I would sleep before 3 am once I got to SSP. In fact, I was delusional. If anything, I’ve learned that my sleep schedule is screwed up and will be for a while *hopefully it will be fixed to a “normal” schedule after SSP – no promises though* Though this might sound hypocritical, I was excited when it was announced that team “BEGGZ” (you heard me right- BEGGZ!!! = bed + eggs) was on to have an observation session from 1 am to 3 am. Although I would have preferred to begin my day in the comfort of my bed, my “natural habitat” as I might say, continuing onto The Big Bang Theory’s season 4’s episode 11, I was pleased to take advantage of any opportunity to capture images of our asteroid (2002 MQ3); simply put, the weather refuses to cooperate in North Carolina and when it does, it IS SO NICE (no wasted images and all nighters pulled WOOOOO). Fortunately for us (and unfortunate for the teams that went yesterday), the sky was so clear that our team was able to spend an entire hour searching for visible galaxies and nebulas. We ended up taking an image of the famous hoag’s object. However, I think karma hit us when the telescope decided it only wanted to take light images and SOS by Rihanna just happened to start playing in the background (ironic). 

Hoag’s Object

All in all, it was a small hiccup and the IMAGES WERE SUCCESSFULLY SECURED…in the bag (I had to – if you understand, you understand hehe). 

After tippy toeing around to avoid the cockroaches that shamelessly roamed around campus, I managed to find my way into the good olde Old West and in my room where my roommate hibernated in her own cocoon. With my phone in my hand and my airpods still in, I fell sound asleep peacefully knowing that it was Sunday (the best day of the week). I woke up at 12:35 pm, struggling to find the power to pull myself up from my “natural habitat.” Only one thing could separate my bed and I on a Sunday: Franklin Street. It was time to restock my food shrine and there was only one way to do that: shopping at Target (which as you’ve guessed is on Franklin Street). 

Our first stop was the classical UNC merch store (everything was ridiculously overpriced that even breathing there was starting to seem like it cost money). Did I buy anything? No (*sigh* who would’ve guessed). 

Second stop: TARGETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! (excuse the unnecessary use of extra T’s) There we grappled tightly onto the Elmo colored shopping basket and ran to grab the *very* necessary things we needed in the limited time we had. 

Third stop: Bul Box, and not Chipotle 🙁 (to all the chipotle haters out there, stay hating). My roommate, Joy, insisted we go and as a good civilian and a benevolent roommate in general, I agreed to disagree. 

Fourth stop: Old West. To our misfortune, the 3 hour timer was over and the fun diminished along. 

I couldn’t resist my bed’s magnetic attraction; I fought it, but failed miserably at precisely 3:32 pm. It was decided: my room was going to be cleaned another day; after all, I belonged in my “natural habitat.” Just before dinner time, I arose from my coma. 

Barely conscious, I opened the door and came face to face with Dibo and Scarlett wearing floral dresses. Then and there we came to the consensus that today’s theme would be floral. 

Me giving the people what they want (credit to Anna for the dinner theme)

I put on the first thing that screamed floral to me and slipped into my low top platform sunflower converse with my floral tote bag hanging on my shoulders. I confidently walked to Chase Dining Hall, thinking I did the best I could with what I had, and then BAM both Emma and Yasmine tell me that I was (or looked liked I guess) the Ukraine flag (they just didn’t get it *quadruple sigh*). 


Flash forward: Bell Tower. 

Bell Tower

I sent one text to the girl’s group chat: “bell tower” That’s where we took our group picture, looking like professional scientists (and extra slaying – excuse the jargon). 

Moments after the picture, everyone fled back to Old West to escape the treacherous heat; I rushed after them (at least those I could catch up to) for a very important and insightful video (as seen below). 

Video Link:


Flash forward: Restocking the beloved Food Shrine. 

As I stalled until lab hours, I began to restock my stand with the snacks I bought from Target. By the end, I was in tears (mental tears of joy) by how full and prepared I was for the week. 

As described by Anna: “favorite local corner store *heart emoji*”

Special feature: Joy’s food shrine


Flash Forward: Phillips Hall. 

Even though I yearned to return to my “natural habitat,” I persevered and dragged myself to Phillips Hall to work on Psets. Unlike other days, I was met with a haunted ghost that twinkled with the lights of Phillips Hall, crawling and creeping onto its victims. 

I too was a victim (DUN DUN DUN)


Flash forward: My Natural Habitat. 

Eventually, forced by the constraints of our curfew, I found myself back in my “natural habitat” at 2:30 am, once again ready to watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory. At SSP, my connection with my “natural habitat” and other SSPers has only deepened while my perspective of astrophysics constantly changes day to day. There is so much space outside of my “natural habitat,” especially when the noise is reduced (hint: reference to image reduction *wink wink*). 

About Me:

Hi! I’m Zuha H. I’m from Alexandria, Virginia and from the one and only Alexandria City High School (and yes, Remember the Titans was filmed here). For fun, I love to bake (I’ve been working on making my own chocolate chip cookie recipe for the last 2 years, it’s close to perfection in my opinion at least), pole vault, ride my ripstick (applauds to you if you know what this is without searching it up), build circuits, and sleep (naps are fun). Fun fact, I can juggle while riding my ripstick 🙂